PKS Students lit up the stage at our first competition of the season!  It was an incredible weekend for our students who danced with passion and fire!

Congratulations to All!!!


Special mention to the following routines who were awarded special awards and overalls:

Addison – “Great Showmanship! A Natural Performer”

The Wiz – “That’s Entertainment”

Pat A Cake – “Captivating Costume”

Jocelyn H – 2nd Overall 17 year old Solo

Genevieve S – 5th Overall 9 year old Solo

Avery McD – 1st Overall 10 year old Pre Competitive Solo

Marissa C – 4th Overall 11 year old Pre Competitive Solo

Alesha C and Grace W – 2nd Overall 13+ year old Pe Competitive Duet to Trio

Raiana C – 1st Overall 14 year old Novice Solo

Raiana C – 2nd Overall Novice Solo of the Entire Competition

Layla I – 4th Overall 12 year old Novice Solo

Vanessa V – 4th Overall 10 year old Novice Solo

Ella B – 5th Overall 7 year old Novice Solo

Ella P – 4th Overall 6 year old Novice Solo

The Wiz – 3rd Overall Production