PKS Dance Elite Ltd. offers several levels of Mini Movers programming. Each has been specifically designed to achieve goals, reach milestones, and fundamentally prepare your child for a lifetime of healthy living and a love for dance.  We take pride in the fact that all our Pre-dance programmes are designed by ECE, qualified dance teachers.  We feel it so important that our teachers understand the developmental process of this age group – not just dance steps.

Featuring carefully chosen songs and activities from today’s leading children’s musicians and educators in varying styles, from folk to rock. The Mini Movers programs lead children on a journey through musical and self-awareness in a non-threatening and safe environment. Designed for children walking to 5 years old, these classes introduce movement, rhythm, co-ordination and balance. Children start to learn the fundamentals of dance within a fun and upbeat atmosphere. If you are looking for a well rounded and entertaining movement experience using plenty of toys and instruments, you will find it here.

Our Mini Movers classes are divided into 4 eight-week sessions, which run from the end of September to the end of May. Each session focuses on different aspects of movement and dance, paired with songs specifically chosen to enhance learning in a fun and creative way.

MINI MOVERS SHOWCASE (TBA):  Optional show with additional cost for costume and tickets.

Mini Movers 2 years and under : Caregiver Participation required

This program is specifically designed for students walking to 2 years old by Dec. 31st of the current school year. Parents or caregivers join their little cruisers on an adventure in movement and play. Children will be encouraged to try new things and begin to assert their independence. Activities will encourage movement, cognitive and verbal skills in a fun and social environment. Caregiver must participate.

Mini Movers – 3 year olds:

This amazingly fun and energetic class is designed for 3-year-olds by Dec. 31st of the current school year. This class will enhance co-ordination and boost your child’s confidence while developing gross and fine motor skills while fostering your child’s independence. Props, games, musical instruments and upbeat songs help to create a rich educational environment. Independent class.

Mini Movers – 4 & 5 years olds:

Introduction to the 3 main dance styles:
Session 1 – Ballet (8 week session)
Session 2 – Jazz (8 week session)
Session 3 – Tap (8 week session)
Session 4 – Tap (8 week session)
Students must be 4 years of age by Dec. 31st of the current school year.

Mini Movers Acro for 3-5 years old.

This class is an introduction to Acro.  It is perfect for the little one who loves to climb, balance, roll and go upside down!  Students will learn all of the basic gymnastics skills such as front rolls, back rolls, headstands and more!


Dance wear of any style.

Mini Movers 2 – Gymnastic slippers, Ballet shoes, indoor shoes or bare feet.

Mini Movers  3 – Gymnastic slippers, Ballet shoes, indoor shoes or bare feet.

Mini Movers 4 & 5  — Ballet shoes for Session 1 & 2, Tap shoes for Session 3 & 4

Mini Movers Acro – Dance attire (any style-no skirts), bare feet (preferred) or gymnastics slippers.


Mini Movers 2  –

***These classes require a grown up to participate with the child***

Mondays 4:45-5:15

Mondays 5:15-6:15

Tuesdays 5:00-5:30

Thursdays 5:00-5:30

Thursdays 6:00-6:30


 Mini Movers 3 (Must be 3 by December 31st of the current school year)

Mondays 6:15-6:45  Mini Movers 3

Tuesdays 5:30-6:00 Mini Movers 3

Thursdays 6:30-7:00 Mini Mover 3


Mini Movers 4 &5 (Must be 4 by December 31st of the current school year)

Tuesdays 6:30-7:00 Mini Movers 4&5

Thursdays 5:30-6:00 Mini Mover 4&5

Also check out our Intro to Dance classes which are essentially the same but run for the full school year (with monthly payments) instead of in 8 week sessions.


Mini Movers Acro Ages 3-5 yrs (Must be 3 by December 31st of the current school year)

Mondays 5:45-6:15  Mini Movers Acro

Tuesdays 6:00-6:30 Mini Movers Acro


SESSION DATE 2023/2024 – $115/session

Session 1 (Fall) – Sep 25,2023 to Nov 20,2023  (no class on Thanksgiving)

Session 2 (Early Winter) – Nov 27,2023 to Feb 01,2024 (no classes on Christmas Break)

Session 3 (Winter) – Feb 05,2024 to Apr 04,2024 (no classes on March Break) – Mini Movers 4&5 ONLY need tap shoes

Session 4 (Spring) – Apr 08,2024 to Jun 03,2024 (no classes on Victoria Day) – Mini Movers 4&5 ONLY need tap shoes