At PKS Dance Elite Ltd. we pride ourselves in choosing the best possible surroundings for your child to learn the art of dance. We have four state of the art studios. Each studio is equipped with a floating sprung floor. This method of construction allows for maximum “give” in the sub floor. A floor that bounces when the dancer does causes less injury and promotes better technical performance. The top layer of our 4 layer system is finished with Rosco flooring.

Our custom-made barre brackets consider all safety aspects and allow for our teachers to use the barres in innovative ways. Even the walls have special re-enforcing behind the drywall in order to support the brackets and barres.

Between the walls is double stud construction and soundproof insulation that virtually eliminates the sound passing from one studio to the other allowing our students to concentrate on the lesson being taught, not the cool song from the next room.

Our common areas include our stylish lobby, comfortable parent lounge equipped with closed circuit TV’s for each studio so you can view class in progress, homework and snack tables, kitchenette equipped with a fridge and microwave, large separate dressing rooms for girls and boys, and gender neutral bathrooms.

At PKS Dance Elite Ltd. it is important to us that we make your time at the studio as enjoyable and efficient as possible.

We have invested a lot of time, research and care into the construction of our facility.

Imagine the quality of teaching your child will receive.