Wow PKS! Phenomenal weekend at Elite Dance Challenge. We had many Overalls, Special Awards and Scholarships awarded to our team.  Congratulations to all! We are so proud of you.



Emma McG and Audrey G – “Take the Stage”

Isabel M – “Tha’s How I Like it”

Wanlin W – “The Whole Package”

Ciara G and Jacob V S – “Just the Beginning”

Ella B – “Light Up the Stage”

Asher T – “Raw and Exposed”

Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens – “That’s Entertainment”

Addison H – “Made in the Shade”

Identity Crisis – “Journey”

Footloose – “Left it on the Stage”


ELITE VIP (achieving a score of 95+)

Ciara G



Kayleigh K

Ciara G



Isabel Mar – Dance Attack

Ciara G – Dance Attack

Asher T – 5 Class Dance Pass to The Underground

Alyssa I – Acro Alliance

Isabelle Mit – Dancerpalooza in LA

Wanlin W – Acro Alliance



1st Overall Novice Mini Group – Country Garden

2nd Overall Novice Mini Solo- Juliana B
1st Overall Novice Mini Solo- Kayleigh K

3rd Overall Novice Mini Duet/Trio- Audrey G and Emma MacG

5th Overall Novice Junior Solo- Isabel Mar
4th Overall Novice Junior Solo- Lily J
3rd Overall Novice Junior Solo- Juliette S
1st Overall Novice Junior Solo – Wanlin W

3rd Overall Novice Junior Group- Sweet Nothings

1st Overall Mini Large Group- Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens

5th Overall Junior Solo- Ella P
4th Overall Junior Solo- Ella B
1st Overall Junior Solo-Alyssa I

3rd Overall Junior Duet/Trio- Genevieve S and Sierra H
2nd Overall Junior Duet/Trio- Ella B and Alyssa I

2nd Overall Junior Large Group- My Boyfriend’s Back
1st Overall Junior Large Group- Radetzsky March

3rd Overall Intermediate Duet/Trio- Layla I and Ciara G

3rd Overall Intermediate Extended Line- Footloose

3rd Overall Senior Small Group – Identity Crisis

1st Overall Production- Trolls

Highest Song and Dance/Musical Theatre Score of the entire competitions- Ciara G

Highest Tap Score of the Entire Competition- Ciara G

Teen Miss Elite Title Winner- Ciara G

PKS was the 2nd Overall Top Scoring Studio of the weekend